Our clients are apprised of their rights during the intake process and can expect to be treated with dignity and respect, to preserve their civil rights and protect their privacy and health information. We want our clients to feel safe and to trust that their best interests are at the heart of our services. At East Bay Center, we have the utmost concern for the well-being and recovery of our clients.  

At East Bay Center, it is our policy to protect our clients' legal and human rights for the duration of treatment. To ensure that each client receives humane, dignified and appropriate care and treatment, we train our staff to protect legal and human rights and, accordingly, we educate our clients about their rights and their responsibilities. In this way, we create the optimal delivery of services for our clients.

Our Human Rights Officer, reporting directly to our CEO, is a strong advocate for our clients. We work with our staff to help ensure that all clients are fully respected. In the event of a concern or complaint, our Human Rights Officer supports our clients in lodging and resolving complaints.

Our core belief lies in the right to be free from mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse, neglect and exploitation. We protect all clients from real or perceived abuse, including exploitation from caregivers or volunteers. All allegations or suspected cases of abuse will be referred to the appropriate authorities for further investigation. 

To download our complete Statement of Client Rights, click here.