We work with our clients during the initial intake process to clearly set forth and convey their responsibilities in the treatment relationship. We invite our clients to be active participates in their treatment as they work toward their own success and recovery.  



We invite our clients to fully participate in treatment and to let us know what they are experiencing and how we may best meet their needs. We clearly set forth what we expect of clients during the treatment process and, furthermore, encourage them to become actively involved in planning their treatment, setting reasonable goals and choosing services to best meet their needs.

We ask clients to be punctual for appointments and to attend all appointments scheduled. Every appointment brings our clients closer to their goals and, conversely, a missed appointment is a setback. In addition, your missed appointment slot could have been offered to someone else who may also be in some type of emotional pain or psychiatric crisis.

We ask our clients to treat the staff and other clients the way they would like to be treated, with the utmost dignity and respect, and to honor privacy and property. We promote a "do onto others" philosophy in our treatment relationships.

Finally, we ask our clients to promptly meet their financial obligations including co-pays and deductibles. These responsibilities are reviewed at intake and expected throughout the treatment process.

To download our complete Statement of Client Responsibilities, click here.