Whether you are seeking treatment on your own initiative or referred by another health care provider or hospital step-down unit, our staff can help with comprehensive psychiatric and counseling services, and specifically, those who struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma and co-occurring medical problems.

Our programs range from crisis intervention to medication management to vocational development. Our employees will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect while maintaining confidentiality and protecting your healthcare information. Your rights and your options for the treatment process will be clearly communicated and you will play a collaborative role in devising the treatment which best fits your needs to gain the outcomes and the quality of life that best suits you. Our staff - at every level - are focused on your recovery. 



From your first phone call to your first visit and throughout your treatment process, we get to know you and your issues, your passions, your family and your concerns. We start by listening carefully to gather critical information and, ultimately, to offer an appointment or direct your call for immediate care.

Starting with our front-desk receptionist to our clinicians and therapists to our technical and administrative staff, we offer compassionate care to help you and the ones you love overcome obstacles and lead productive and healthy lives.

Our stellar staff longevity rates mean exceptional continuity of care for our clients; over twenty-five percent of our staff have been with us for more than ten years.