We work with adults of all ages dealing with depression, anxiety, addictions, trauma and co-occurring medical problems. Our services range from emergency care for acute situations to vocational development and independent living support ... and a variety of intermediate levels of care.

We provide services in the home for seniors who are home-bound and have difficulty with mobility and transportation. We also provide services at the East Providence Senior Center and our office buildings in Barrington and East Providence.

Our overall client satisfaction with East Bay Center services remains at 93.6%, exceeding the State in that category for the fifth (5th) consecutive year. 



Emergency Services and Crisis Intervention - Our emergency services are available around the clock on a 24/7 basis, with admission to psychiatric hospital if necessary. We work closely with community providers, primary care docs and hospitals, and know how to respond in a crisis and evaluate the level of care needed to resolve the crisis. Our Emergency Services number is (401) 246-0700.

Outpatient Detoxification - Our outpatient facility helps people manage their addiction(s) as an alternative to inpatient admission to a psychiatric hospital or drug rehabilitation center. This allows individuals to safely withdraw from an addictive substance while living with family members and functioning in a career ... all while under medical supervision.

Suboxone Clinic - Our Suboxone clinic provides medication therapy to help people end addictions to opiates such as heroin, morphine and other related drugs.We provide related counseling in the home setting or in our office to address and cope with the stressors of daily life.

Health Coordination and Wellness Promotion - We are there every step of the way. We oversee an individual's medical and mental health needs, creating collaborations with primary care doctors as well as other providers. Our goal is to coordinate and communicate a program of wellness promotion with education and support to help our clients maintain optimal health and functioning.

Medication Monitoring - We provide evaluation and monitoring to assist in selecting the appropriate medication, dosing to a therapeutic level, and managing side effects to receive the optimal benefit of medication. We offer the most effective and therapeutic psychopharmacology options. Typically, our medication monitoring is done in conjunction with counseling.

Vocational and Career Development - Our vocational and career services support our clients' needs for meaningful activity and personal/professional development on the road to total wellness. Many of our clients return to active and rewarding opportunities in the workplace. We assist clients to identify their interests and abilities, and, ultimately, to locate meaningful work that will enhance their well-being.

Independent Living Services and Support - We provide a wide array of services to support and enable our clients to live independently while addressing their daily living challenges. We offer an intermediate level of care in our group homes to provide milieu support on a short-term or extended basis.